Enjoy the outdoors to the full in each of the 4 breath taking seasons Furano has to offer.SPORTPIA FURANO


If you want an amazing outdoor experience in Furano, then one of our Sportpia tours is definitely the right one for you! With our friendly staff and nature on our door, we can guarantee you a satisfying Furano experience you'll never forget!

Whether it is one of our nature tours, mountain bike tours, or rafting tours, we have the right program for you!
Our staff at Sportpia has a passion for nature and we would love to share our passion with you.

Outdoor & Indoor Programアウトドアツアー・インドアプログラム

White Water Rafting Tour
Rafting Tour
Located in Minami-Furano, on a 8-person raft working together as a team on the Shiisorapuchi River, enjoy the crystal clear water which runs off the mountains into the source of the Sorachi River. Scenery at its best, this tour definitely satisfies any nature lover!!
Kids Special
Kids Special Tour
This is what summer vacation is! Playing in the river!! The River Exploration Program is not only playing. While you can have a lot of fun playing in the river, it also can be a dangerous place. Learn how to catch fish, and how to stay safe in our River School Program.
Relax Down River Tour
Relax Down River Tour
For those who are not thrill seeking and like to stay dry, this tour is perfect.
Enjoy the waterside views while listening to some of the stories our guides tell on the Sorachi River which flows through Furano City.
Furano Country Road
Furano Private Country Cycling
The perfect tour for those who want to enjoy the scenery at a leisurely pace!! With one of our friendly and experienced guides, enjoy the unique scenery Furano has to offer on this mountain bike tour. This tour mainly follows paved roads, and the guide selects a course to match the ability of the tour participants.
Early Morning Down River
Private Early Morning Down River
Leisurely flowing downstream, amongst the fresh air of Furano.
Experience the morning mist of the mountains, the babbling sounds of the river, and enjoy the smell of fresh brewed coffee.
The best way to start the day!
Night Wild Life Tour
Private Night Wild Life Tour
I want to enjoy the wildlife at night!
Friends, family or couples can enjoy Furano at night on this private tour.
See and feel something new at night, experience and enjoy the silence and the dark.
From the Source to the Mouth
From the Source to the Mouth
The real adventure is here ... on Hokkaido's crystal clear river "Mukawa". The total tour length is 135 km, from the source at Tomamu, to the mouth at Mukawa town. A combination of mountain biking, rafting, and canoeing over 5 days, heading towards to the ocean.
Vegetable Dyeing
Vegetable Dyeing
Making Aroma Bug Spray
Making Aroma Bug Spray

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