Enjoy the outdoors to the full in each of the 4 breath taking seasons Furano has to offer.SPORTPIA FURANO

Experience Furano's nature to the fullest!
Feel the cool summer breeze, refreshing your body and mind!

Whether it is one of our nature tours, mountain bike tours, or rafting tours, we have the right program for you!
Our staff at Sportpia has a passion for nature and we would love to share our passion with you.

Outdoor & Indoor Programアウトドアツアー・インドアプログラム

Rafting Tours
Travel downstream on crystal clear mountain water on our thrilling rafting tour!
Or join a leisurely rafting tour on the Sorachi river flowing through the city of Furano.
Mountain Bike Tours
Whether it's fresh green growth and flowers, dark green foliage, or majestic colorful autumn leaves, each season has something to offer. So why not enjoy the smell of the flowers, the twittering of the birds and the rustling of foliage while riding a mountain bike through Furano?
Summer Special Tours
Play to the max while interacting with nature!
Enjoy the river and what it has to offer to the fullest on our Sorachi River Exploration Tour!
You also can discover the beautiful nature and enjoy the silence of the night on our night tour.
Sportpia Special Tours
Mukawa is a 135 km journey from the source to the river mouth ... the ultimate River Rafting Tour!
Energy, stamina, and willpower are needed for this Wild Life Experience Tour!
Although the stream of the river is gentle, the tour is packed with excitement!
Indoor Programs
Rental Mountain bikes
Are you someone who wants to see the various sites of Furano on your own?
Then bicycle rental is the perfect option for you!
Sportpia offers two types of bikes of the latest models; mountain bikes and city bicycles!
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